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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

So I'm just getting into bed after accomplishing another day of mis-shapen bits'n'bobs. I acquired from my grandmother today a suitcase full of bed linen and two magnificent "old person" dressing gowns. Yes, I do intend to wear them. Well, one of them. The other is a lovely blank piece of fabric I can use for other things. The bed linen is lovely. Not exactly fashionable, but hey, fashion IS FOR loosers. Whatever I don't use is more fabric for re-use.
I know I've not told you about my delivery yet from Sara Soap - I need some time to do that one justice! Hubby and I took the hounds out on the moor for a good long walk this morning. The trees reminded me of Narnia. Now why the heck isn't Narnia already in predictive text? Everyone knows about Narnia, surely?!
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