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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

You've Got Mail!

Well I do feel very privileged today. I got a gorgeous Interflora delivery courtesy of Kane (the K!tour ticket looser) and his Mam.

A beautiful arrangement and I'm thrilled with it. I love the fact that it has virtually no packaging also but comes in a gorgeous vase, that I will keep and cherish for years to come. How lovely. I feel very special!

Of course, in true blogging spirit, I won't just be enjoying the flowers, I'm going to photograph them beautifully and use them for the next round of home made greetings cards. Stand by, family and friends!

I really am a little lacking in the motivation department at the moment and I don't know why. I need to get "back in my bucket" as my Yoga teacher used to say. I seem to be a little preoccupied, but with what I'm not sure.

So we had our delivery today from the salvage yard so work is about to commence on our steps. I hear, though, that we are due for a shed load of snow, so I may not be able to get as much done as I would like.

And I had to pop to our local (ish) health food shop, I rejected the major high street health food shop and went to a little independent - I really recommend it, it's like a treasure trove. I've recently been diagnosed with acne for the first time in my life (I'm 33!) and have very recently had a massive and painful break out. A very good friend years ago gave me the Dr Gillian McKeith "you are what you eat" book and I recalled a chapter which indicates that break-outs in certain areas are indicative of underlying problems, so I got the book out.

The book recommends that for spots in the mouth area, Agnus Castus be taken. It says that Agnus Castus helps to regulate the reproductive area, but , to be honest, I'm only really interested in getting rid of the spots! When I went into the store (I'm told that tincture is better than pills) the very knowledgeable lady assistant told me that it has the single most powerful hormone regulatory properties. And the break outs do indicate an imbalance. How very interesting to see if this fairly gross smelling taken in water sorts me out. I might put the diagnoses for the other areas on here too - might help some of you lovely peeps?

So I picked up copies of a couple of magazines while I'm there, and, even though I have previously picked up and read through the gorgeous Aura magazine, this time, I cannot help but be overwhelmed by the size of the alternative community in Wales. With the help of some friends yesterday I came across the Chapter Arts Centre "Fairtrade Fortnight" commencing Friday. I'm only available on Friday, this weekend, unfortunately, so I don't know what I'm going to catch, but I'm going to go down for a look. One of the administrators of the Facebook page very kindly put a link to my blog on their Facebook page too! How lovely! THANK YOU!

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